Fine Art Painter

  1. Rest with Guitar
    Rest with Guitar
    16"x20" Oil on Canvas SOLD
  2. Dream with Guitar
    Dream with Guitar
    18"x24" Oil on canvas. 2018 SOLD
  3. Sprout of love
    Sprout of love
    24"x36 Oil on canvas. 2018 SOLD
  4. The nap
    The nap
    18"x24" Oil on canvas. 2018 SOLD
My name is Dixie Miguez.
Thank you for visiting my site.
I am an artist born in Cuba who currently resides in Miami, Fl.

I was born in in San Juan de los Remedios, a small town in Central Cuba. It was there in my home town where I attended to my first art classes at the Casa de la Cultura to learn de basic skills of fine art.
My artworks are typically done with oil colors on stretched canvas and represent the everyday life of the country side and small towns of central Cuba. The art represents my childhood in San Juan de los Remedios, a small town in Villa Clara and the experiences and events archived in my mind through the years I lived in Cuba. The subjects and themes may vary but the essence of my art is the same: Cuba in a context of surrealism. I sign my paintings using my last name "MIGUEZ" in honor to my grandfather Amador Miguez known as “Migue El Pintor” (Migue The Painter) who taught me all about art and living.
Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with applying art to convey the essence of every day life. In 1987, I was invited to study commercial design at the Advanced Institute of Design (ISDI) in Havana, Cuba and 5 years later I graduated. With my diploma in hand and a thousand ideas in my mind, I returned to my native province of Villa Clara and began to work as Director of the Regional Center of Design and also became a self represented artist.
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