Original Oil Paintings by Cuban Artist Miguez 
Art by DIxie Miguez
My name is Dixie Miguez
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I was raised in a family of painters. As a child, I watched my grandfather paint scenes and landscapes of my town as well as murals and political billboards. I also enjoyed and learn from the arts and crafts my mother made out of local primitives materials. I sign my paintings using my last name "MIGUEZ" in honor to my grandfather Amador Miguez known as “Migue El Pintor” (Migue The Painter) who taught me all about art and living.
My artworks are typically done with oil colors on stretched canvas and represent the every day life of the country side and small towns of central Cuba. The art represents my childhood in San Juan de los Remedios, a small town in Villa Clara and the experiences and events archived in my mind through the years I lived in Cuba.The subjects and themes may vary but the essence of my art is the same, Cuba in a context of surrealism.On the paintings I represent scenes of the every day life in my hometown surrounded by the local culture and architectural elements from a surrealism point of view.The visual characteristics of my art are represented by the use of human bodies with no faces, no arms and disconnected hands. The color palette used is very intense and warm representing the colors of the Cuban tropic such as warm red, cadmium yellow, forest green and dark brown. The use of no face and no arms was born in Cuba; it was a way for me to express the lack of freedom of expression in our country. A face with out mouth can't speak and without eyes can't see.
With the time it became the key of my surrealism style and now I see it in an opposite way, now it represents an unlimited freedom. I would like that in those empty faces the viewer put their on face or the ones they would like to see on it. The absence of arms represent unlimited freedom as well, can you image your hands been free, controlled but not physically connected to your body... how many things you can touch and feel, even if your body is not there.
F I N E   A R T   E X H I B I T S

2011 - Gallery night, (June 24-25) Miami Lakes, FL
2011 - Art Fest at Doral, (May 13-15) Carlos Albizu University, Doral, FL.
2011 - Gallery night, (March 25-26) Miami Lakes, FL
2011 - Art on the Park, (January) Hialeah, FL
2010 - Weekender Art night, Miami Lakes, FL
2010 ? November, Art on Palm. Hialeah, FL
2004 - Artworks displayed by Lucca?s Arte Latino. Juan O?Rileys. Seatle, WA.
1995 - Exhibit of works. DAS Salon & Gallery. Norfolk, VA.
1995 - Exhibit of works. Miami Herald Building. Miami, FL.
1994-1995 Exhibit of works. Navy Exchange. US Naval Base. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
1992 - Personal Exhibition. Casa de la Cultura. Remedios, Cuba.
1990/1991 - Posters Exhibit. Museum of Las Parrandas. Remedios, Cuba.
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